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Maddox is more than a health club. A new expression that is more than physical fitness. By working with the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow, we’re connected to what comes next and committed to the future by providing a place where these thoughts can grow and develop into real change for more than just ourselves.

1:6 Personal Training Program

→ Personal training with a capacity of 6.
→ Holistic programs designed to restore, energise and decompress the mind and body.
→ Experience a balance of guided breathwork, mobility, cardio, resistance and strength training.
→ 40 mins | $50.

1:6 Personal Training Schedule

→ With over 35 weekly sessions, select the times that work for your schedule.
→ Seamless online booking via the Maddox app.
→ Mon - Fri | 6:00am - 8:00pm
→ Sat - Sun | 7:00am - 12:00pm

Weekend Golf Training

Improve your game with mobility, stability, strength and conditioning training.
→ Every Saturday 7am.
→ Capacity of up to 6.
→ 60 mins | $100.


→ Bring more joy to health rituals and habits—or help kick-start a new one in 2023.

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12 Week PT Program

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