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Maddox is more than a health club. A new expression that is more than physical fitness. By working with the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow, we’re connected to what comes next and committed to the future by providing a place where these thoughts can grow and develop into real change for more than just ourselves.

Class Schedule

Winter program
→ Small group training with a capacity of 6
→ All sessions held online until Fri 18 June

New Standard

Take it further → Cardio → 30 minutes

Lean In

Be in the moment → Mobility → 30 minutes

Strong Points

Power from the inside out → Strength → 30 minutes

Future Purpose

Reach new horizons → Cardio + Mobility → 30 minutes

Present Tense

Strength in the now → Mobility + Strength → 30 minutes

Flywheel Effect

Stay in rhythm → Cardio + Strength → 30 minutes

Weekend Golf Training

Improve your game with mobility, stability, strength and conditioning training
→ 8am every Saturday
→ 60 minutes

Weekend Snow Sports Training

Prepare for the slopes and get snow-fit with stability, flexibility, rotational and strength training
→ 8am every Sunday
→ 60 minutes

Maddox Packs

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1 session

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3 sessions (new members only)

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10 sessions

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25 sessions

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50 sessions

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Corporate Program

We tailor corporate wellness programs to fit your organisation.

Corporate Health and Wellness

Team building, Employee benefits program


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